TV Sound

Amber Glass High


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We are super-stoked to bring you this record.  Long before there was a Killing Horse Records, there was still a Kearny, NJ (our hometown) and there was a band called TV Sound and they made a record called Record Jacket Life.  This record showed us that if these guys could do this, so could we.  We’re really happy to be able to bring this full-circle, and nearly 15 years after their debut, TV Sound returns with their follow-up Amber Glass High.  Seven songs of the same infectious garage-rock glory that got us excited all those years ago – we think you’re gonna get just as excited today.  Pick up a copy – it’s only 5 bucks you cheap bastard!


  • Mean Hard Times
  • Sunshower Deconstruction
  • Get Your Gear On
  • Surely Coming Down
  • Amber Glass High
  • The Girl You Never Got
  • We Laughed at This World (Recorded Live at Maxwell’s)

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