Thee Money $hot

Hard Rock


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Ever wonder what it would be like if GG Allin wrote a punk record about serial killers? Doesn’t matter whether you did or didn’t, because now that question has been answered via Thee Money $hot‘s debut CD, Hard Rock. The twelve songs contained within are loud, obnoxious, offensive, and a whole lot of punk rock fun. Clocking in at under 20 minutes, Hard Rock is a bombastic punk rock tour-de-force. Every purchase comes with an instant download of the EP.


  • Hey You
  • Stoked
  • Lady Killer
  • Raw Dog
  • Adventures in Supremacy
  • Take The Knife
  • Coke
  • Little Sister
  • Killer Clown
  • My Cock
  • I Dismember U
  • When They’re Young

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