Secret Country

From The Barroom To The Bedroom


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It’s been a long wait; countless hot dogs have been eaten and endless bottles of whiskey were drank; but without further adieu, the long anticipated follow up to 2009’s Women, Whiskey & Nightlife has finally arrive.  Secret Country burst back with 10 high-paced songs about drinking, heartbreak, consuming alcohol, and drunken hook-ups on their 2nd full-length release, From The Barroom To The Bedroom.  New life is brought to the band with the augmentation of singer Katelynn Siegle’s seductive voice, and the dual lead guitar attack of Ryan Gross and Joe Hart.  Have a drink and give this disc a spin.


  • From The Barroom To The Bedroom
  • Drinking Mood
  • Number Two
  • Night of Whiskey
  • Sidepiece City
  • Seven Days A Week
  • Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad
  • How Many Will It Take
  • Straight Bankruptcy
  • Cowboy Movies

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