Travelogue / Winter Is Why


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Overlake return with their 2nd release, the double A-side, Travelogue / Winter is Why. As the follow up to 2014’s LP, Sighs, this latest release brings more of the dense soundscapes, ethereal vocals, and driving rhythms that have become the band’s hallmark. Tom Barret’s gentle vocals offer a soothing counterpoint to the blown out, delayed, and warbly riffs comings from his Jazzmaster, while Lysa Opfer’s haunting harmonies and pulsing bass lines create a lush envelope that ties both tracks together.  Limited copies available on white vinyl. All purchases come with an immediate digital download of the entire album. *Vinyl orders will ship around 11/30/15


  • Travelogue
  • Winter Is Why

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7" Black Vinyl, 7" White Vinyl, Digital