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Gates of Home

Sick Sick Birds added To The Killing Horse Roster


Killing Horse Records is psyched to announce that we have added one of Baltimore’s best bands Sick Sick Birds to the KHR roster.  In 2012 Sick Sick Birds released Gates Of Home, an 11 song full-length of well crafted, catchy indie punk awesomeness.  We heard it, thought it rocked, and are now going to be ...(more)

A 3-Year Tour

A 3-Year Tour


Happy New Year folks!  So according to very complicated mathematical computations that I just did with my fingers, turns out we’ve been around for THREE YEARS.  Yeah, I don’t understand how we’ve lasted this long either.  Probably has something to do with high pain thresholds and masochistic tendencies – but that’s not really important.  What is ...(more)

From The Barroom To The Bedroom

Make sure you play your cards right…


Because here it is…the long awaited 2nd Full-Length release from Secret Country, From The Barroom To The Bedroom.  Featuring 10 tracks of sizzling guitar leads, lush harmonies, and lyrics written by a lush, this is hands down Secret Country at their best.  A perfect record to drink to, pre-order your copy today and download the lead single “Night of ...(more)

No Fate But What We Make

What’s Your Fate?


Well, considering we’ve all only got a few weeks left to live (that damn Mayan apocalypse just sneaks up on ya doesn’t it?) – Cicada Radio squeeze in a new CD for you to rock out to the end of the world – aptly titled No Fate But What We Make.   It includes 8 songs of gloriously cacophonous ...(more)

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