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Happy America Day!


Happy 4th of July! Eric (of Secret Country & !No Pasaran!) and I are enjoying delicious drinks poolside in fabulous Kearny, NJ. Activities include drunken watermelon toss, drunken wiffleball, and some kind of peach, honey, ginger, & bourbon concoction. Hope you’re all making the best of the best day of the year (proven fact). Best ...(more)

The Day Music Died


So, you may have noticed that all the Indie Rebellion interviews were oddly devoid of music, leading to some odd segways… What to do, what do? I know! You can head over to the Killing Horse Records Store and pick up music from every band you wish you heard more of. Sounds like a pretty ...(more)

Press Here for Props


Here’s some press the Killing Horse family has been receiving as of late: Most recently, Dave G. over at United By Rocket Science did a review of ¡No Pasaran!’s Porter In The Making, which can be found right here, and don’t sleep on his review of Cicada Radio’s new EP, Imposter or the Maxwell’s show ...(more)

Welcome to 21st Century!


Woot Woot! The News section blog is up and running and I’m updating it from my Blackberry as we speak! (err…as I write this by myself) I’m excited – as you should be too. Expect some live blogging for the 4th of July as I descend into the delightful world of grilled meats and American ...(more)

The New Blog


Hooray! I’ve spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of web-programming, and this is the great fruits of my efforts, a blog. So I guess be expecting more updates, some more important than others – oh and there will be a whole overhaul of the rest of the website as well. That’s it for ...(more)

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