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Review: “Out Of True”


Jersey Beat’s United By... column gives a some love to tv sound‘s Out Of True. Big thanks to James Damion who’s always been a good friend to Killing Horse through the years, even from Seattle! Check out the article on This EP features four songs that make you want to lean in and either ...(more)

The Everymen Played House of Vans – write up and Pics!


So The Everymen played House of Vans last night in Brooklyn, opening up for King Kahn & The Shrines.  Brooklyn Vegan did a nice little write up included a bunch of pics to boot!  From the review: “The Everymen opened, warming up the crowd with their energetic rock n roll. The seven piece outfit from New ...(more)

The Everymen - Live

Get To Know The Everymen…And Go See Them Live Tonight!


Philip Runco over at Brightest Young Things did a hell of a write up and interview with Mike V. from The Everymen in regards to their new record New Jersey Hardcore and other fun things.  Here’s a little tidbit from the opening – “Mike V. doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’s ever given a limp handshake. ...(more)

Brick City Bios


UPDATE #5: Brick City Bio for Cicada Radio has been added – we’ve finally caught ’em all. Hooray! Text and links after the jump. Do it now! And don’t forget to head out to the 1st Annual Brick City Sound Riot, kicking off THIS FRIDAY!!!!! over at Kilkenny’s in Newark, NJ, this Friday. Get your ...(more)

Ben Franklin interviewed at Mercury Lounge


Ben Franklin just had a kick ass show at Mercury Lounge in NYC this past Tuesday, and they also did an interview with Music Crush Girl. Full audio clip after the jump! And why don’t you go ahead and check out the other interviews that are up on Music Crush Girl’s Sound Cloud page. ...(more)

¡No Pasaran! in a nutshell…


A few words about ¡No Pasaran!’s latest, Porter In The Making from Pops Gustav over at 50 Words or Less: ¡No Pararan!, PORTER IN THE MAKING ep (Killing Horse Records) I’ve always been impressed by this Jersey trio’s highly intelligent art rock, but often felt like I didn’t get it. Until now. This new ep ...(more)

Cicada Radio on Pop Break


Hey, this is a tad overdue but Cicada Radio did a great interview with the guys over at Personally, my favorite part is where Mike Keefe talks about how great it is to be Killing Horse, but I’ll throw the link up to the whole article so you can pick out your own favorite ...(more)

Press Here for Props


Here’s some press the Killing Horse family has been receiving as of late: Most recently, Dave G. over at United By Rocket Science did a review of ¡No Pasaran!’s Porter In The Making, which can be found right here, and don’t sleep on his review of Cicada Radio’s new EP, Imposter or the Maxwell’s show ...(more)

Urgency Review


Zac Clark has done an awesome write-up on Urgency! Go check it out now over at Rocker Tycoon!!! And don’t forget about the release on February 25th at the Cake Shop so you can review it yourself! -Ryan ...(more)

Write Ups, Hooray!


Zac Clark did a sweet little write-up about the anniversary show on his blog, Rocker Tycoon. -Ryan ...(more)


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