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#TBT: Return of the KHR T-Shirt


This week’s throwback brings back our favorite shameless self-promotion – the record label logo t-shirt! We first introduced these all the way back in 2011 in a limited supply as a way to get the word out about our fledgling new label. Here we are now, 8 years later, and it feels like the time ...(more)

Welcome back me! Updates and Announcements


Hey guys, so let’s just say that I wandered down the wrong corridor right before Brick City, and just found my way back now. Yes, I know, I haven’t updated the site in like 3 months. Deal with it. Anyway, I’m back now, and Killing Horse is back online – and kicking things up a ...(more)

More like Brick City Killing Horse Riot!!!!


It’s almost time! Are you excited? Cause I sure as hell am! We’re just three measly days away from the 1st Annual Brick City Sound Riot, and Killing Horse is so deep into this thing that, well… I’m just gonna stop there, because that analogy was about to take a real awkward turn. Anyway, things ...(more)

Brick City Bios


UPDATE #5: Brick City Bio for Cicada Radio has been added – we’ve finally caught ’em all. Hooray! Text and links after the jump. Do it now! And don’t forget to head out to the 1st Annual Brick City Sound Riot, kicking off THIS FRIDAY!!!!! over at Kilkenny’s in Newark, NJ, this Friday. Get your ...(more)

Day of The Killing Horse


So for those of you who haven’t taken notice (probably everyone) Killing Horse Records has more or less taken over the greater New York area. For starters, Secret Country will be taking to seas for their 3rd annual Rocks Off Boat Cruise, with open act, and friend, Lenny Lashley. It departs tonight from the marina ...(more)

Brick City Sound Riot 2011


Alright, so the word has been out on this already, and I’ve been posting the Brick City Bios as quickly as Rockertycoon can churn them out, but it is now official. The full lineup and set times have been announced for the inaugural Brick City Sound Riot, featuring all five Killing Horse Records bands – ...(more)

Ben Franklin interviewed at Mercury Lounge


Ben Franklin just had a kick ass show at Mercury Lounge in NYC this past Tuesday, and they also did an interview with Music Crush Girl. Full audio clip after the jump! And why don’t you go ahead and check out the other interviews that are up on Music Crush Girl’s Sound Cloud page. ...(more)

Ben Franklin once bowled a 400!!!


True story, I swear. If you were unaware of that, and wanted to learn more about America’s favorite founding father, head on down to Asbury Lanes tonight in Asbury Park, NJ for The Amboys’ release of their new EP, Led Into The Woods. As if that wasn’t a good enough reason to head on down ...(more)

Hello Brick City!!!


UPDATE: Tickets are available for sale on Ticketfly ATTENTION BRICK CITY: PREPARE TO BE INVADED! So our buddies over at Spill Peak and Ghost Train PR have put together the BRICK CITY SOUND RIOT – a kick-ass festival taking place in Newark, NJ at Kilkenny’s Ale House Sept. 16th-18th. Expect a rather thorough gathering of ...(more)

Ben Franklin Fought MS


And Ben Franklin continues to fight MS- this time it’ll be at the Mercury Lounge on Houston St. on August 16th with assistance from The Everymen and some special guests. Tickets are going fast, and the show is expected to sell out, so pick your tickets right here. More info about the show can be ...(more)


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