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Thank you, and Welcome To The Family


First off, thank you to everyone who came out to Maxwell’s last night see ¡No Pasaran! and celebrate the release of their new 7″, Porter In The Making. Also, big thanks to The Nolan Gate, Cold Fur, and Cicada Radio putting on a hell of a show to really make a memorable evening. Speaking of ...(more)

Porter In The Making


Look here! ¡No Pasaran!’s well-welcomed return is here and available for sale on delightful marbled vinyl. Each copy comes with a digital download that includes two bonus tracks that aren’t available ANYWHERE ELSE – How cool is that? Answer: Pretty darn cool! So order your copy now or head out to Maxwell’s this Friday to ...(more)

I disappeared for a while, but now I’m back…


Whoah! It’s been a little while since our last update. Hope you guys haven’t missed us too much! So what’s new with you? How have you been? What’s that? Yes we HAVE been busy here! So we’re very please to announce the triumphant return of ¡No Pasaran! on Killing Horse Records with their new 7″ ...(more)

Ben Franklin Release Urgency 7″


Do you feel a sense urgency about your life? If not, head to our store and pick up Ben Franklin and Killing Horse Records’ debut 7″, Urgency!!!! Don’t have a record player? That’s ok too because every copy of Urgency comes with a nifty download card so you can add the songs to your favorite ...(more)

Urgency Pre-Sale


Ben Franklin’s Urgency 7″ is now available for pre-order from the Killing Horse Store! Pick up your copy now! ...(more)

Urgency Review


Zac Clark has done an awesome write-up on Urgency! Go check it out now over at Rocker Tycoon!!! And don’t forget about the release on February 25th at the Cake Shop so you can review it yourself! -Ryan ...(more)



Hello folks! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve updated and there’s been a whole lot going on behind the scenes that we wanna bring you up to speed on. Where to start? -First up: Ben Franklin’s Debut 7″ on Killing Horse Records drops February 25th!!!! Make sure to head out to the Cake Shop ...(more)

Write Ups, Hooray!


Zac Clark did a sweet little write-up about the anniversary show on his blog, Rocker Tycoon. -Ryan ...(more)

Photo City


Hey guys, head over to and check out some pictures from Friday night’s show! -Ryan ...(more)

Thank You, Come Again…


Big thanks to everyone who came out to Maxwell’s last night for our anniversary party! We had a great time, and I hope all of you did too. It means the world to us to have fans that are behind what we’re trying do, and we hope to make 2011 an even bigger year for ...(more)


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