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  • Ralph Nicastro – Guitars/Vocals
  • Shaun Towey – Guitars/Vocals
  • Jamison Lauer – Guitars/Organ
  • Kevin Beeg – Bass
  • Colin Carhart – Drums

Shaun Towey and Ralph Nicastro started Wreaths in 2007 in a Chicago flat with a Lowery organ, drum set and 8-track tape machine.  The duo returned to New Jersey in 2011 and completed the lineup with Colin Carhart on drums, Kevin Beeg on bass and Jamison Lauer on guitar & organ, finding a home base in Asbury Park.  With pulsating bass and drums, shimmering guitars and a rich instrumental swirl, Wreaths cast a hypnotic drone with songs about imbibing, bicycles, and cool island voodoo.

Recorded over 2 years time in 4 studios, Wreaths’ self-titled full length debut is available via Killing Horse Records.  They will begin work on the follow-up at Moonlight Mile Studios in Jersey City, NJ, also slated for release on Killing Horse.

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