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  • James Berko – Guitar/Vocals
  • Michael Berko – Drums/Vocals
  • Kyle Griffin – Bass/Vocals

Oh the rockin’ be DIRTY from these boys in Northern New Jersey!  If you dipped a hamburger into a vat of butter, fried the pants off of that Mofo’ and took a huge monster bite… well that’s what it would feel like to witness the live spectacle that is Stonehenge in concert.  This power trio brings their fearless brand of greasy alternative rock into the brink of wailing angst and debauchery. 

Stonehenge is a howling, growling, hard rock band hailing from the dark dregs of Kearny, NJ. “The Henge” has a mighty sound of blues infused hard dirty rock that hits harder than a chili dog from Rutt’s Hut at three in the morning.  The group draws major influences from the likes of Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys, and others of the sort. The gents’ that make up Stonehenge have cultivated their sound since the wee ages of 13.  Their melodic chemistry is unmatched and will keep you entranced, wanting to hear more and more of their tasty jams.

Stonehenge recently released their first single, “Fate” b/w “A Day Too Soon” available right here from Killing Horse Records.  These tunes offer just a taste of the distinct sound the band has crafted over the years.  Look for their debut self-titled EP to be released in 2020, and follow them on social media to stay up-to-date!

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