Secret Country

Secret Country

photo credit: Kelly Cummings


  • Jay Monaco: Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
  • Katelynn Siegle: Lead Vocals
  • Matt Siegle: Drums/Vocals
  • Ryan Gross: Guitars
  • John McGuire: Bass
Ah, Secret Country, where to begin? We could start with the excessive drinking, the strange obsession with chicken and hot dogs, the love all things seedy and nightlife-oriented, or their colorful choices in wardrobe, but the best place, the most important place to start would be with the music. It’s not easy to write an endearing song about slaughtering a chicken or spitting right in someone’s face, but Secret Country manage to do it with such ease and finesse that it leaves the listener not only accepting their oddity, but fully embracing it and yearning for more.

Secret Country was born out of a love of outlaw country, cold beers, and hot dogs.

Originally an acoustic duo performing at parties, bbq’s, and bars, the advent of original material led to an augmentation of the group through various lineup changes into the quintet that you’ve heard tantalizing your eardrums for the last decade.

Secret Country is currently working on their 3rd full length record, due out Summer 2018. After taking a hiatus in 2015, they are back on the scene and coming to a Honky Tonk near you!

Secret Country have found themselves sharing the stage with country legends like Dale Watson and Bobby Bare Jr., Old Man Markley, JD McPherson, punk rock legend Lenny Lashley, The Pietasters, and Slackers’ frontman Vic Ruggiero.

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Killing Horse Discography

KHR037: Secret CountryBuckle Up!
Release Date: 12/14/18
Available On: CD & MP3

KHR036: Secret CountrySkip The Beer (Single)
Release Date: 7/4/18
Available On: Apple Music & Spotify

KHR021: Killing Horse Records2014 Sampler
Release Date: 4/22/14
Available On: CD & MP3

KHR012: Secret CountryFrom The Barroom To The Bedroom
Release Date: 1/12/13
Available On: CD & MP3

KHR010: Secret Country7 Days A Week
Release Date: 5/22/12
Available On: 7″ & MP3

KHR004: Secret CountryHard White Snow
Release Date: 12/16/10
Available On: MP3

KHR002: Secret CountryWomen, Whiskey & Nightlife
Release Date: 12/26/09
Available On: CD & MP3

KHR001: Secret CountryThe Tex Ritter EP
Release Date: 6/6/08
Available On: CD & MP3