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¡No Pasaran!


  • Eric Mason: Vocals/Guitars
  • Romel Espinel: Vocals/Guitars
  • Tom Barrett: Drums

Haling from all over North Jersey, and based out of Hoboken, ¡No Pasaran! has been a mainstay of the Jersey indie scene for the better part of the last decade. Their initial rise in popularity came back in 2004 with their self-released debut EP Plug Into The Sand. They began work on a full-length album, Credentials, which has remained locked in the vaults, gaining cult status in the indie scene akin to The Beach Boys’ Smile.

After taking a creative hiatus from 2008 to 2010, ¡No Pasaran! returned to the recording studio to produce their debut 7″ on Killing Horse Records, entitle Porter In The Making. They exploded back onto the scene in early 2011, playing a mix of old and new, but regardless of when these songs came to be, they all retatin ¡No Pasaran!’s signature blend of melodious themes and abrasive punk rhythms. Best said here:

Porter In The Making” is one excellent slab of post punk influenced vinyl that is bursting with jagged yet angular guitar rhythms, rock solid drumming and enough hooks to keep you coming back for repeated listens. – United By Rocket Science

Walk, run, ride a bike, steal a car – do whatever it takes and get yourself out to see ¡No Pasaran! live in person. Your world will be rocked, rolled, flipped inside out, and turn upside down, and you won’nt be happier.

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