Invisible Lines

Invisible Lines


  • William Acevedo: Vocals/Guitar
  • Mike Clifford: Bass/Vocals
  • Alan Gomez: Guitar/Vocals
  • Geoff Bennington: Guitars
  • Lucas Gonzalez: Drums
Invisible Lines describe themselves as a post rock/post punk revival/indie band from Kearny, NJ – and they hit the nail directly on the head. Though officially formed in 2007, the quartet have been involved in the North Jersey indie scene in various incarnations since 2002. They draw strong influence from bands with built-in D.I.Y. ethos like At The Drive-In and Fugazi, yet also strive for the soaring rock of Led Zeppelin and The Who.
Invisible Lines burst on the scene in 2010 with their debut EP on Killing Horse Records entitled, aptly, Wise Up!, and audiences have responded in kind. Wise Up! showcases both the raw power and fluid melodies that the band holds in their arsenal and executes at will. In a live setting Invisible Lines commands the stage and holds their audience captive for the entirety of the set.
They’ve been called driving music and compared to The Road Warrior – and for good reason. Their songs lay a pulse that propels you forward and just doesn’t quit. Adding to that, they can be found playing somewhere in North Jersey on almost any given weekend. Invisible Lines is a recipe for success; look to be seeing a lot more of them in the near future!
Adding now 3rd guitarist Geoff Bennington to the lineup in 2012, Invisible Lines, have become an unstoppable force in the indie music world.  Winners of Tri-State Indie’s Indie-Punk Band of The Year, they are currently beginning work on a follow-up record.

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Killing Horse Discography

KHR003: Invisible LinesWise Up!
Release Date: 5/11/10
Available On: CD & MP3