Désir Decir

Désir Decir

photo credit: ©2014 Fred Macaraeg


  • John Feuerbach: Guitars/Vocals
  • Greg Reyes: Bass/Vocals
  • Mitch Cady: Drums/Vocals
Désir Decir hail from Jersey City, NJ.  They came together in 2012 when bassist Greg Reyes met guitarist John Feuerbach at a local Jersey City show.  Common musical interests lead to jamming, which lead to the formation of the group after the addition of drummer Mitch Cady.  With the lineup finalized and songs at the ready, they headed into the studio to lay down their debut EP before they had even played their first show.  The result of those sessions, Mechanics, was released via Killing Horse Records in July of 2014.  Drawing on influences such as The Replacements, The Clash, Bob Dylan and Rancid, Mechanics has a folk-punk – gritty, yet familiar all the same.  Additionally, Désir Decir have contributed a track to the Treehouse Sounds charity compilation record.
Désir Decir are currently playing shows locally around North Jersey while spending time in the studio working on material for a release in early 2015, as well as writing more material for a full length record.  They will be on the road in 2015.

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Killing Horse Discography

KHR027: Désir DecirEven The Earnest Learn
Release Date: 10/23/15
Available On: CD & MP3

KHR022: Désir DecirMechanics
Release Date: 7/8/14
Available On: CD & MP3

KHR021: Killing Horse Records2014 Sampler
Release Date: 4/22/14
Available On: CD & MP3