Behold The Mighty Stonehenge

We here at Killing Horse Records always love it when we get to announce new artists and new tunes, but today feels like an extra special day. We know it’s been tough for everyone out there lately, so we’re glad we get to bring a little music to your day. Today, we get to at long last annouce the arrival of Kearny, NJ’s STONEHENGE!!!

Our history with Stonehenge goes way back to the earliest days of Killing Horse. We’ve loved watching these guys develop their skills since they were just teens, and we’re very excited to see what they’ve been able to put together to share with you all today. Stonehenge‘s debut self-titled EP is 5 song bullet train of garage and blues rock.

Stonehenge will be released worldwide on 5/22, but you can listen to the opening track “Amber” right now!!!