Cicada Radio release Drift/Dream today!

We are very pleased to announce that today is the day Cicada Radio release Drift/Dream, their fourth offering here at Killing Horse.  You can head over to our online store and order yourself a CD copy, or pick one up from the band at one of their shows.  And because it’s 2016, you can also head over to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or wherever you go to get your digital music fix.  And don’t forget – in just one week (11/4), Cicada Radio will be returning home from their tour and celebrating Drift/Dream‘s release at the Funhouse in Jersey City with Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Dead Bars, Crazy & the Brains, and Nervous Triggers!

Cicada Radio‘s latest record showcases their growth into a band more focused and tighter than they’ve ever been.  From the opening chords of “Endless Vacation” to the swirling bliss of the title track “Drift/Dream,” Cicada Radio deliver their trademark post-hardcore sonic assault propelled by Patrick Keefe’s powerful vocals and Michael Keefe’s haunting guitar melodies.  The eight tracks contained on Drift/Dream will remind you what you’ve always loved about Cicada Radio – abrasive, catchy tunes that you can sing along to – but with songwriting and performance that elevate the band to new heights.