Drift Into Pre-Sales (and a new track too)

Well the time has come to formally announce the release of Cicada Radio‘s fourth endeavor on Killing Horse Records and available 10/28/16!  Entitled Drift/Dream, this record finds the band continuing to hone their craft, resulting in eight exciting new songs bursting with their trademark sonic assault.  Cicada Radio will be celebrating the release on 11/4/16 at The Funhouse in Jersey City, along with Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Dead Bars, Crazy & The Brains, and Nervous Triggers.  Pre-orders for Drift/Dream are now being taken and will include an immediate download of the first single, “Golden Sands Motel” as well as the follow-up song preview “Drift/Dream”.  Check out “Drift/Dream” below, be sure to head over to our store and place your order for the Drift/Dream, and be sure to mark your calendars for Drift/Dream Release Party!