Prepare To Be Eaten!

Today is the day! Life Eaters have released their eponymous debut to the world, and the world shall be forever changed.  Featuring former members of Rye Coalition, The Black Hollies, ¡No Pasaran!, and Merel, Life Eaters know how to rock and execute with blissful precision.  Imagine Thin Lizzy, Night Marchers, Judas Priest, and The Cult got into a 4-car pile up – this is the record the survivors would record to commemorate the catastrophe.  Twelve songs of some of the hardest rock you’ll hear this side of 1987, ranging from the driving punch of “The One You Wanted” to the sludgy groove of “Man Pain”.  You can pick up your very own copy of Life Eaters at the Killing Horse Records Store, or head over to your favorite digital music outlet, including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.  Listen to the whole album below!