Overlake back on the road, opening for Mike Watt

Well folks, unfortunatley Summer Ends, but that’s nothing to be down about.  Overlake are back on the road, this time serenading the west coast coast with their dreamy soundscapes and twinkly lights.  After kicking things off in Bayonne, NJ, they headed out to Seatlle, and are making their way down the coast.  They’ll be in San Francisco tonight at the Hotel Utah Saloon, and continuing down to Los Angeles tomorrw.  See all tour dates here, or head over to Overlake‘s Facebook Page for more information.

Oh and I must mention that they will be opening for Mike Watt’s new outfit, Il Sogno Del Marinaio, at Brooklyn’s Bell House, next Wednesday, 10/15.  Ticket are available through Ticketfly.  Do yourself a favor and get over there.