Killing Horse Records 2014 Sampler

Going for the double down post tonight! (If you’re good I might even post again tomorrow).  This is a little delayed, but in conjunction with our 4 Year Celebration back in April we put out a sampler of tracks from our active lineup, featuring some recent, upcoming, and unreleased material.  Until now, it had only been available at the show, to some close friends, and streaming on our Bandcamp page.  But recent inventory checks have revealed that we have some left, so it’s up for sale in the store for a whopping $1.  Go ahead and pick up a copy on the cheap in our store, and check out some great tracks from Life Eaters, Désir DecirOverlakeTV SoundSecret CountryCold Fur, The EverymenWreaths, & Cicada Radio.
Killing Horse Records 2014 Sampler Product Page