Wreaths Debut Full-Length Pre-Order

We are pleased to announce the release of Wreaths by Psych Rock outfit Wreaths from Asbury Park, NJ.  They have been making waves recently with this eponymous debut recorded in five different studios over a year’s time.  Wreaths takes unbridled musical energy and channels it into almost an hour of lush, yet focused, atmospheric melody and rhythm.  Music blog Psychgazer writes: “The record as a whole has an overwhelming feeling letting your mind wander in technicolored ways, well mellowed out in harmonic vocals, and in the shimmering sounds based on well-defined balance among drums, guitars and bass”.

Reserve a copy now for just FIVE BUX before the record comes out on March 4th and we will send it right to your doorstep as soon as we get the CD’s shipped to us – plus you get an immediate download of the whole album right now!