Killing Horse Welcomes The Vansaders To The Roster

Killing Horse Records is happy to announce the addition of The Vansaders to the KHR roster. These strapping young lads from Brooklyn have been impressing the shit out of us and we can’t wait to put out their record. Keep an eye out for Stuck In New York City to come out this summer.

“The Vansaders walk the line of rowdy and refined. Their bourbon-soaked blend of punk, country and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll is the type of sound that’d easily be the soundtrack to any heavy night of drinking at your local dive bar with a group of close pals as well as those lonesome nights of drinking by yourself.

Their music has moments of heart and heartbreak, of celebration and solitude. It’s the type of music Mike Ness would raise a shot to while shooting a look of “hey these guy are good” over to Johnny Cash. And in today’s alt-rock musical culture which keeps racing towards becoming the second coming of New Wave; listening to The Vansaders is both refreshing and exciting.”  –

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