A 3-Year Tour

Happy New Year folks!  So according to very complicated mathematical computations that I just did with my fingers, turns out we’ve been around for THREE YEARS.  Yeah, I don’t understand how we’ve lasted this long either.  Probably has something to do with high pain thresholds and masochistic tendencies – but that’s not really important.  What is important is that we’ve made yet it another year and we feel like celebrating.  We want you to come celebrate with us, so we put a party together and YOU’RE INVITED.  Hooray!  It takes place this Saturday, January 12th at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.  This years celebration features our 6 active artists, TV Sound, Cold Fur, Cicada Radio, Life Eaters, The Everymen, Secret Country.

Speaking of Secret Country, they have their own reasons to celebrate – they are debuting their 2nd full-length album, From The Barroom To The Bedroom, so Saturday mean double party time for everyone!  Fantastic!  Doors are at 7:30PM, cover is $10.  Come out early, and plan on staying late – which means pace yourself at the bar.  It’s a long night, so stay away from shots until at least Life Eaters.  Trust me, it’ll work out for the best.

Alright, that’s all for now – hope to see you on Saturday.  More details on the show here.  If you can’t wait until Saturday, or can’t make it, From The Barroom To The Bedroom is on sale in the Killing Horse Store, and ordering it today will land you an instant download of the whole album.  So maybe go do that.