Hurricane Sandy Relief

Hey folks, so the last few days have been pretty rough for a lot of people.  Hurricane Sandy has really done a number on our home state of New Jersey, as well as much of the surrounding states.  We were very fortunate to only be inconvenienced with not having any power for a few days, but now that we’re up and running again (though our main headquarters is still in the dark), we’d like to do something to help out those who didn’t fair quite as well.  The devastation on the Jersey shore alone is almost too much to bear.  So, here’s what we’d like to do – we’ve got a whole a bunch of stuff sitting around warehoused and not doing anything, so make your way to our special Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund page, make a donation, and get some cool stuff.  If you don’t really want anything, that’s fine too, just get a sticker  – the important thing is that you help out if you can.  100% of the proceeds will be going to assist those who need it due to the storm.

Also, The Everymen have set up their own relief fund – they’re making special “New Jersey Hardcore” T-Shirts, again with 100% of the proceeds going to Hurricane Sandy victims.  You can order those right here.

Photo credit: NJ Governor’s Office