The Nico Blues - Die Happy

Finally, I can die happy…

That title may be one of the worst puns I’ve written yet.  Why? Because The Nico Blues are putting out their self-released EP, Die Happy, in about 38 minutes?  Head over to The Nico Blues’ Bandcamp page and keep refreshing it until it pops up!  Or, act like a regular person, and just wait until 12:00AM on February 29th, and download your copy for a price of your choosing (which could be free – but seriously – don’t be that guy – karma and all that, right?)

Oh – and if you’re sad because you can hold it in your hands, you can quell your physical need by heading over to the Killing Horse Store, and picking up a copy of their debut, Blame The Boredom, Blame The Basements, available now in glorious, totally still relevant, CD format, for you to upload to your iTunes and never touch again – but hey – it comes with a cool foldout lyric sheet that we folded ourselves!  So buy it! Now!