Killing Horse Radio Episode 1

More like Brick City Killing Horse Riot!!!!

It’s almost time! Are you excited? Cause I sure as hell am! We’re just three measly days away from the 1st Annual Brick City Sound Riot, and Killing Horse is so deep into this thing that, well… I’m just gonna stop there, because that analogy was about to take a real awkward turn. Anyway, things are gonna kick off at 8PM on Friday with our own Cicada Radio, who I hear are going to be opening the festival with a benediction – of ass-kicking power rock that is. Then, as if that wasn’t enough to get your butts out to the show, Secret Country is gonna be bringing things home with their signature alcohol-drenched, yet utterly delightful, hooks and harmonies as Friday night’s headliner.

“Wow, that’s sounds like a super swell festival!” – probably what you’re thinking right now – but we’re just getting warmed up! Bring on Day Two, aka Saturday, aka Day of the most delicious bread (it’ll make more sense in a moment), which kicks off at noon with not one, but TWO stages! Holy crap! This really is a classy affair. Saturday’s lineup includes Killing Horse stalwarts ¡No Pasaran!, who will be sharing the stage that night with none other than the once again reunited RYE COALITION – playing only their 2nd show in the last 5 years, and their 1st since their sold out reunion at Maxwell’s 6 months ago. Now I know that those two bands alone on a bill is quite a force to be reckoned with, but don’t miss out on the other acts performing that day – many good Killing Horse friends – including The Micks, Killing The Messenger, and The Press.

Now if I were to tell you that that was all there was you’d probably say that it was a pretty good deal. But what if I were to tell you that there is an ENTIRE OTHER DAY WORTH OF MUSIC. My lord, you must think I’ve gone done it and lost my mind! Well you might be right, but it’s true – the festival continues into Sunday, and guess what? That’s right, more Killing Horse bands to delight your eardrums and assault your naughty parts (in a totally consensual, non-creepy way)! What bands will be doing this? Why the only two we have left of course! Ben Franklin will be hitting the stage around 8PM for a very special (but sad) performance. This will mark Sarah Tomek’s final performance with the group 🙁 . Ben Franklin may have invented drummers with vaginas – but sometimes those vaginas have to spread their wings and fly (perhaps the worst analogy I’ve ever used – but I’m stickin’ to it (that may have just made it worse)). Seriously though, if you’ve never seen Sarah perform with Ben Franklin, get your ass out to this show. This girl rocks like Bonham and looks absolutely nothing like him. So come and say goodbye, then get ready for the band that helped make this whole festival possible – Invisible Lines, with their suave looks and smooth hooks (that’s a pretty catchy line there – feel free to copy it!), getting the crowd feeling loose and ready for the final headliner, Rye Coalition’s 1st son, The Black Hollies!!! Also, there’s plenty of friends playing as well – don’t miss Black Water, Holy City Zoo, Nico Blues, EULA, or WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice. Hell, I’d have to say that Sunday might be the most well rounded day.

Alright, I think I’ve gone on long enough. Full details for each night’s show can be found on the the events calendar on the right, more in can be found over at and presale tickets can be purchase at Ticketfly for any individual day or a 3-day pass.

Hope to see you all this weekend!