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Brick City Bios

UPDATE #5: Brick City Bio for Cicada Radio has been added – we’ve finally caught ’em all. Hooray! Text and links after the jump. Do it now! And don’t forget to head out to the 1st Annual Brick City Sound Riot, kicking off THIS FRIDAY!!!!! over at Kilkenny’s in Newark, NJ, this Friday. Get your tickets right here

UPDATE #4: Brick City Bio for ¡No Pasaran! has been added – street cred has just been upped by at least “3” – maybe even “4”…

UPDATE #3: Brick City Bio for none other than us- Killing Horse Records…hit the jump for the text – and make sure to stay tuned for Cicada Radio and ¡No Pasaran!

UPDATE #2: Brick City Bio for Secret Country has been added – tons of whiskey after the jump.

UPDATE #1: Brick City Bio for Ben Franklin has been added – text and link to all Brick City Bios after the jump.

Here’s some words from our favorite blogger Zac Clark:

William Acevedo, Mike Clifford, Lucas Gonzolez and Alan Gomez are road rockers Invisible Lines. Coming to you from Kearny NJ, this tetralogy runs amuck, look out! With dueling guitars heady lyrics and a proclivity for frenzy William, Mike and Alan trade off on vocals while Lucas lays the groundwork on drums. They’ve released a devilishly excellent EP entitled “Wise Up”. Check it out!

Billy Gray, Eddie Garza, Sarah Tomek and Adam Copeland are gonzo rockers Ben Franklin. If you could personify a breach of etiquette and then translate it musically, you’d fall short of the mark of attempting to describe the subtle rabble rousing these four are responsible for. Imagine Red Sonja, Hunter S Thompson, Greg Ginn and Ron Paul wrote music together. Rumor has it there’s a new LP in the works. In the mean, time sharpen your senses on there previous LP “Optimist” or their newer EP “Urgency”.

Ever been Hornswaggled? Are you on the run? In upto your ears in credit debt? Secret Country understands. Eric Mason, Jay Monaco, Joe Hart, Matt Siegle, Tim Siegle and Yan Izquierdo ain’t just whistling dixie. Songs about women, songs about whiskey, hell, songs about hot dogs… how can one go wrong? There’s a serious desire from crowds to jump in their competition orange Dodge Chargers and make a break for the county line when these rough ridin’, fast talkin’, high falutin’ good ole boys get down and dirty.

Michael Sylvia and Ryan Gross love music. That much is undeniable (You should see these cats represent at shows). Killing Horse Records started in a Kearny, NJ apartment. Two cats with a love for music and a knowledge for that art, helping their friends get something physical out of their music careers. Now five bands strong (Ben Franklin, No Pasaran!, Cicada Radio, Secret Country and Invisible Lines) they are quickly becoming a household name in the underground New Jersey rock scene. That said, their parties are not to be missed, and you can expect them both to be on the front lines at the Brick City Sound Riot. Actually, Mike will be on the front lines, and Ryan will be in the sound booth, but you get the picture.

Jersey’s post hardcore heroes Eric Mason, Thomas Barret and Romel Espinel are No Pasaran. Veterans of the local scene, they specialize in no nonsense clenched fisted political rock. In a recent interview with Jersey Beat’s Jim Testa Romel was quoted, “We’ve always felt like we speak for the downtrodden, for the disenfranchised.” There’s no better way to express it, aside from when they’re playing. They just put out an EP “Porter in the Making” through Killing Horse Records give it a look!

Dynamically intense, Cicada Radio is Pat Keefe, Mike Keefe, Mike Kundrath Chris D’Ambrosio. The most recent Victim of Killing Horse’s systematic raping and pillaging of the North Jersey Scene, these fellas are fresh from the studio with a New EP Imposter. A strong start for these cats, each song is an individual indie achievement. Hardcore with heart, the album is transcendent of this scene. Check it out on Bandcamp! Tom Selleck has only good things to say about it.

Here’s a link to the all the Brick City Bios and Zac’s Rockertycoon blog!