Killing Horse Radio Episode 1

Hello Brick City!!!

UPDATE: Tickets are available for sale on Ticketfly

So our buddies over at Spill Peak and Ghost Train PR have put together the BRICK CITY SOUND RIOT – a kick-ass festival taking place in Newark, NJ at Kilkenny’s Ale House Sept. 16th-18th. Expect a rather thorough gathering of the North Jersey/NYC indie scene – as well as every single band on Killing Horse – so get your asses out to the shows and check out what’s happening in the music world these days! Hit the jump for the promo spot video and full list of bands.


Secret Country/Ben Franklin/¡No Pasaran!/Invisible Lines/Cicada Radio/The Black Hollies/Those Mockingbirds/Killing The Messenger/Nico Blues/Not Blood Paint/The One and Nines/Nikki Sue and The Bad News/The 0-Matics/The Ashes/Fairmont/U Say USA/Zed Never/The Press/Wyldlife/I Am The Heat/Cecilia Celeste/Holy City Zoo/Dead Exs/The Porchistas/The Micks/Blackout Stereo/Life Size Maps/Lost Gloves/cinema cinema/Black Water/Theodore Grimm/EULA/The Courtesy Tier/KNTRLR/Lost Romance/Elsa and the Awesome Awesomes/+MORE!!!