The New Year and New Releases!

Happy New Years to all! Just wanted to say that I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season, I know that we here in the Killing Horse family spent the majority of it appreciating the gifts we received (aka Jack Daniels induced haze), but we’ve made it through, and are ready for work again. Ben Franklin, Brooklyn’s hottest upcoming band that will simultaneously blow your socks off and give you a backrub have teamed up with us and will be releasing their new 7″ entitled Urgency on the Killing Horse Label on February 25th. Sound interesting? Of course it does! Head over to Maxwell’s in Hoboken next Friday, January 14th, and see them perform tracks from the 7″ as well as many more exciting tunes at The Killing Horse Records One-Year Anniversary Bash! Also, check out the slick new music player I’ve added to the site, so you may entertain yourselves while you poke around.