Killing Horse Records Release Catalog

KHR032: The CartwheelersThe Cartwheelers Release Date: 5/26/17 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR0301: TV SoundTelecommando Release Date: 11/11/16 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR030: Cicada RadioDrift/Dream Release Date: 10/28/16 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR029: Dead StarsBright Colors Release Date: 3/4/16 Available On: Currently Unavailable
KHR028: Thee Money $hotHard Rock Release Date: 12/11/15 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR027: Désir DecirEven The Earnest Learn Release Date: 10/23/15 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR025: OverlakeTravelogue/Winter Is Why Release Date: 10/30/15 Available On: 7″ vinyl & MP3
KHR024: Life EatersLife Eaters Release Date: 12/9/14 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR023: Cicada RadioCrime Waves Release Date: 12/2/14 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR022: Désir DecirMechanics Release Date: 7/8/14 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR021: Killing Horse Records2014 Sampler Release Date: 4/22/14 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR020: WreathsWreaths Release Date: 3/4/14 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR019: OverlakeSighs Release Date: 4/15/14 Available On: LP, CD & MP3
KHR018: TV SoundAmber Glass High Release Date: 12/17/13 Available On: CD & MP3
KHR017: The VansadersStuck In New York City Release Date: 6/11/13 Available On: Currently Unavailable
KHR016: Cold FurBlouses of the Holy Release Date: 10/1/13 Available On: 7″ & MP3
KHR015: Sick Sick BirdsGates of Home Release Date: 4/6/13 Available On: CD
KHR014: The EverymenNew Jersey Hardcore Release Date: 10/9/12 Available On: LP, CD & MP3
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